Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 16, 2010

Letters at Issue: Elections: 10/16/2010


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20 years enough

There is irony in the prevailing sentiment of acrimony and distrust in our federal government. After all, we are a democracy and we are the ones who have placed our representatives into office. It is even more ironic that we show such disdain for the "other" members of Congress while we continue to vote our local representative into office. We have voted our Rep. David Camp into office for the past 20 years. He is quite entrenched in the Washington merry-go-round and is very consistent in voting along party lines. Twenty years is enough. I'm voting for Jerry Campbell.

Klaus Lehrer


Decisive, passionate

I have been Mike Stepka's law partner for over five years. Mike's 20 years experience as a local practicing attorney have given him a deep understanding of the law and the internal workings of our local court system.

Mike is decisive, even-tempered, passionate, and treats his clients and court personnel respectfully.

Mike's opponent is a polished politician and an experienced deal maker.

These may be desirable qualities in a legislator, but they are not in a district court judge.

I urge you to vote for Mike Stepka as our next district court judge.

James J. Aprea

Traverse City

Highest integrity

I would like to encourage the people of Leelanau County to vote for Larry Nelson as their Probate Judge. I worked as Larry's secretary for 10 years early on in his career. I witnessed his interaction with law enforcement, court systems, public agencies and his individual clients, when he served as part-time prosecuting attorney, public defender, and as a private attorney. He handled all matters meticulously and honestly.

He will serve Leelanau County in this position with the highest degree of integrity. A vote for Larry will result in a competent and trustworthy judge.

Ann Weber

Leland and Grand Rapids

Invitation ignored

Michigan Citizens for Energy, the Economy and Environment recently invited Doug Luciani, President of the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce, to participate in a public forum at which city voters would have had the opportunity to ask questions about Traverse City Ballot Proposal 1.

The Chamber has come out in opposition to Proposal 1, offering no solid explanation other than vague speculation and apparent fear-mongering.

Former Traverse City Mayor, City Commissioner and former Light & Power board member Jim Tompkins offered to represent MCE3.

Our invitation was ignored by Mr. Luciani. One wonders what they had to lose.

Monica Evans


The writer is a co-founder of MCE3.

Honesty, diligence

I've known Mike Stepka for 20 years, on a professional basis. I believe he's unusually qualified to be a district court judge.

I'm impressed with his integrity, honesty, diligence, and fairness in his practice of law and as a county commissioner.

I enthusiastically recommend his candidacy.

John W. Tilley

Traverse City

Curb attack ads

Are you disgusted by the barrage of robo calls and spurious mailings you have received attacking our state Rep. Dan Scripps? Where Mr. Scripps' opponent's name is not even mentioned? Here's what you can do:

-- Volunteer in the Scripps campaign.

-- Contribute.

-- Write letters like this one.

-- Put a Scripps sign in your yard.

-- Ask your senators and congressman to support legislation curbing the use of unlimited funds for attack ads that do not identify the candidate supported.

-- Vote.

We have a fine representative in Mr. Scripps. We must work to keep him in office.

James Ham


A proven leader

As the former mayor of Traverse City I urge all responsible citizens to vote Ross Richardson for county commission. As mayor, I had the opportunity to work with both Richardson and his opponent, Ralph Soffredine.

Mr. Richardson clearly distinguished himself as the proven leader whose interests were always first and foremost for the citizens.

Ross will ensure that county tax dollars are spent wisely and that special interests and hidden agendas find no place in county government. Vote Richardson for county commission.

Michael Estes

Traverse City

The writer is a former Traverse City mayor.

High qualifications

I endorse Larry Nelson as candidate for probate court judge in Leelanau County. My law office is in Leland, next to Larry's. We have had considerable dealings together, in matters of law and the community. It is a pleasure to know that someone with his high qualifications is seeking the position, and reassuring that he will bring to the office a long history in Leelanau County.

Those who have not had the opportunity to work with Larry should know that he is enjoyable and professional. I have no question he will make a fine jurist.

Pete Miller


A red herring

Christine O'Donnell is a red herring; the real extremists are in our own backyard and one of them is running for Probate Court judge to replace Joe Deegan, who was loved by staff and community.

Here are Marian Kromkowski's own words from the Democracy Stomp: "Many of us in this room consider ourselves resisters. We resist the inhumane treatment of our brothers and sisters in the animal world. We resist the occupation of all Palestinian land by the colonialist state of Israel. We resist the military recruiters in our high schools."

This goes on and on.

Vote for Larry Nelson.

John McDonald


Substantial experience

I greatly respect Kevin Elsenheimer for taking the high road away from attack ad politics. He believes the 86th District Court race should be non-partisan and forthright. That's why his campaign hasn't sought or accepted direct political organization endorsements and has spent no money raised for partisan political purposes.

For the truth about Kevin's substantial 86th District Court experience, contact the 86th District Court administration and the Antrim County prosecutor's office.

Seek out the truth. Do what's right. Elect Kevin Elsenheimer 86th District judge.

Rev. Harry C. Dorman

Traverse City

No party endorsement

Mr. Elsenheimer is running robo calls (automated phone calls) for his campaign claiming that Mike Stepka has been endorsed by the Democratic party. Mike did not seek nor has he received any political party endorsement.

Mike has "supporters" from both party affiliations as well as Independents. This is a non-partisan election — or it is supposed to be.

Mike is truly non-partisan in his quest for District Court judge, while his opponent is in lock-step with the Republican Party as witnessed by his campaign signs attached to his Republican counterparts around the three counties.

Vote for Mike Stepka.

Len Price

Traverse City

'Yes' on recycling

Leelanau County voters: Do the math. For around $200 a year you can have your trash picked up and lobbed into the landfill. Or you can easily recycle your paper, cardboard and most metal, plastic or glass containers for the yearly household recycling fee of a mere $29.

Any remaining odds and ends of trash can be put in a big red bag from American Waste and be picked up occasionally for only $2.50 a bag.

This same $29 covers the collection of batteries, oil and other hazardous materials.

Vote "yes" on the county proposal to continue our recycling program.

Jill Webb

Maple City

Voted against bill

Kevin Elsenheimer for 86th District Court judge? No.

Rep. Elsenheimer voted against Michigan's hate crimes bill establishing a "criminal offense" for any person perpetrating violence because of real or perceived disability, gender, national origin or ancestry, age, race, color, or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression of gender.

Thank God, this bill passed, but not until nearly all House Republicans (98 percent) voted against it.

Given recent tragic bullying and suicides of our young, is this someone we want on the bench?

My vote is for Mike Stepka.

Terry Tomlinson

Traverse City

Protect groundwater

Contrary to Republican "attack ads," Dan Scripps is not trying to tax homeowners for well water. In fact, his legislation prevents taxation.

Dan's proposal would protect our groundwater from detrimental withdrawal by large corporations like Nestle. Talk to homeowners in Mecosta County to see why they support putting groundwater in the "public trust." Their wells went dry after Nestle pumped excessive water.

We don't own the aquifer under our property; we share it with our neighbors. If we damage the aquifer, we should be held liable.

Help protect our groundwater by electing Dan Scripps, a true environmentalist.

Robert Scholl