Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 17, 2010

Letters At Issue: Elections: 10/17/2010


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Sense of fairness

I would like to strongly urge the voters of Leelanau County to elect Larry Nelson as probate judge. I have known Larry all my life. He has always shown a sense of fairness and ethics that I believe are extremely important in a judge. Larry is a strong family man and an experienced lawyer. He has helped our family in legal matters over the years and we have been served well by his good counsel. He has lived his entire life in Leelanau and knows and loves our county and our values. Please give him your support.

Diane Allington


Real-life solutions

Kevin Elsenheimer is my choice for district court judge. He graduated from Traverse City Schools and Northwestern Michigan College, earning the Boy Scout rank of Eagle along the way.

In his own law practice he's had over 900 cases and tried many in district court. He's articulate, straightforward and willing to offer real-life solutions to problems. He authored over 20 bills while serving in the state House of Representatives, and he'll transfer these skills and experience into a fair, effective, and firm Judge.

Vote Kevin Elsenheimer for district court judge.

Karen Strom

Traverse City

Highest integrity

The authors of the United States Constitution had genuine concern and compassion for their contemporaries and those to follow. Their goal was to create a governmental system that would be fair and just for all people.

Larry Nelson is a person of the highest integrity, with the broadest experience, that has carried out our forefathers' objectives on a daily basis over 33 years of legal experience.

Our 23 years of business and personal friendship with Larry have shown us that he is, by far, the best qualified person to be our next probate judge of Leelanau County.

Ray and Fran Rhoton


Leadership, experience

I am supporting Kevin Elsenheimer for Judge of the 86th District Court. Kevin is the only candidate with prosecutorial experience, and has tried seven times the number of cases in the 86th District Court than the other candidates. We need the leadership and experience that only Kevin can bring to the bench. Please join me in voting for Kevin Elsenheimer on Nov. 2.

Amy Strom

Traverse City

Key endorsements

I'm voting for Kevin Elsenheimer for 86th District Court judge and by the endorsements he's received, others support him, too. He's been endorsed by Gov William Milliken, Lt Gov Connie Binsfield, and Sen. George McManus.

The current district court judge, John Foresman, has endorsed Kevin to replace him on the bench.

Kevin is the only candidate that has served as a prosecutor and, including Antrim County, he has had 911 cases including 35 trials in the district court.

Kevin is a smart, clear thinking person, and he has my vote.

Pete Strom

Traverse City

Demand accountability

If I were a Traverse City Light & Power customer, I would request a refund of the $2.30 that would represent my share of the $25,000 they gifted to the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce. What was their motive? Was it possibly to give support for the chamber's fear-mongering of unsubstantiated rate increases, when Traverse City citizens vote for the city commission to regain control of L&P's out-of-control maneuvering? Call a halt to the errant good-ole-boy club that has evolved as L&P. Demand accountability for a responsible change. Vote "yes" for proposals 1 and 2.

Sarah McFarlane Neal


Integrity, honor

Mike Stepka has a reputation for integrity and honor. He speaks from the heart, no poly-speak. We need a person of his stature and commitment to serve as our 86th District Circuit Judge.

Is Elsenheimer a political opportunist or a stay-at-home circuit judge?

I like Mike.

Judy Childs

Traverse City

Abundant common sense

We wish to join the many people who have already written in support of Larry Nelson for probate judge in Leelanau County. As a probate judge's duties vary greatly, Larry's experience in regional and state law is mandatory. In addition to his background in the law, he cares about people and their problems.

Larry J. Nelson has lived in Leelanau County nearly his whole life and has abundant common sense. He not only is a good man for the job, he is a good man. Please vote for him.

Larry and Elizabeth Glass

Lake Leelanau

Radical activism?

After hearing the Marian Kromkowski interview on WTCM, I Googled her name (Marian Kromkowski/mideast just peace) and was very shocked to read of this woman's extreme radical activism. The people of Leelanau County need to educate themselves as to who this woman really is before the next Democrat governor elevates her to the Michigan Appeals Court or Supreme Court.

Her online biography paints her as miss Leelanau County, when in reality she more closely resembles Jane Fonda. Informed voters make better decisions.

Mary Jo McDonald


Lies and innuendo

In 2008, Dan Scripps' opposition attacked with outright lies and ugly innuendo. Judging by the 2010 literature and recent robo calls, Dan's opposition hasn't learned a thing — they just spread more lies. Dan Scripps is not going to tax private wells — he wants to prevent the sale of Michigan's groundwater to the highest bidder. Former Gov. Milliken says Michigan needs Dan's legislation. See

As a fisherman, I fear that large multi-national corporations like Nestle could harm our spring-fed lakes and streams by taking too much groundwater. We need to re-elect Dan Scripps.

Jay Johnson