Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 30, 2010

Editorial: No on roads, yes on seniors


---- — We recommend a "no" vote on Grand Traverse County's road millage. The Road Commission is seeking one mill for four years to repair area roads. While there is no question roads need work, we don't believe the Road Commission has been as wise with taxpayer money as it should have been, and this isn't an insignificant amount — $75 a year on a home with a taxable value of $75,000. The commission recently gave employees a 2.5 percent "cost of living" raise the commission defended as a "standard, budgeted cost-of-living increase ..." But Social Security recipients didn't get a cost of living raise last year and won't again this year. Neither have most private-sector workers. They expect their local government to be as frugal as they have learned to be.

We urge voters to say "yes" to Grand Traverse County's senior center operational expenses ballot issue. The millage, just 0.1 mills over six years, will cost the owner of a house with a $75,000 taxable value just $7.50 a year. It will finance creation of a new Senior Center Network run by the Grand Traverse County Commission on Aging. The Traverse City Senior Center will expand operations to townships throughout the county. This is a smart expansion to serve area seniors.