Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 29, 2010

Letters at Issue: Elections: 10/29/2010


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Balanced the budget

Do we want a governor who is a multimillionaire and was on the board of a company that outsourced 19,000 American jobs to foreign countries? Do we want a man who has little understanding of what it means to make a middle-class income or run any type of governmental structure? If so, vote for Snyder.

If you want a middle-class person who has successfully managed the third-largest city in Michigan in which he balanced the budget, did not raise taxes and knows the process of obtaining consensus between bickering parties, then vote for Virg Bernero for governor.

John E. McDonald

Traverse City

Firm, fair, fatherly

Many of us moved to Leelanau County because of the natural beauty and friendly family atmosphere that make this a great place to live. These social and family values of our county are exemplified in long-time resident and Probate Judge candidate Larry Nelson. As a judge I am confident he will be firm, fair and, when needed, fatherly in dealing with issues that come before him.

We are extremely fortunate to have Larry Nelson as a candidate. We will support him and urge others to do likewise.

Ann and Don Gregory

Suttons Bay

Excellent judicial traits

I am writing to support Mike Stepka for 86th District Court Judge. As a paralegal, later an attorney, I have had the privilege of working and litigating with Mike. I have found Mike to be knowledgeable in the law, fair, and even-tempered, all excellent judicial traits. Mike is also experienced; appearing almost weekly in the District Courts representing clients on an appointed, retained, or pro bono basis for the last 20 years.

Mike's work in the sobriety, domestic violence and mental health courts has proven cost effective for taxpayers by saving thousands in treating non-violent offenders rather than incarceration.

Stacey Truesdell


A Lansing politician

I'm disgusted and appalled at the lengths Kevin Elsenheimer will go to hurt his opponent, Mike Stepka, in the race for 86th District Judge. Elsenheimer came to my rented home where I had a Stepka sign displayed. Elsenheimer told me he had permission from the owner to put his sign in my yard and felt I should take Stepka's sign down. Elsenheimer made disparaging comments about Stepka.

This is someone who obviously doesn't have the integrity, honesty or honor to be judge. It seems like he's another Lansing politician with a "win at all costs" attitude. Don't vote for Elsenheimer.

Kim Adamick

Traverse City

An exceptional school

As parents of two Suttons Bay School graduates, we deeply appreciate the outstanding education that our children received. We have seen first-hand the importance that an exceptional school has in a community. Successful schools build vibrant communities.

To help support a healthy school and community, we urge you to vote "yes" on Nov. 2 on the Suttons Bay Schools bonding proposal to keep the current millage in place.

John and Mary Ott

Elmwood Twp.

Set politics aside

Set politics and pettiness aside and it's simple:

• When my electricity failed at 11 p.m. in February, Traverse City Light & Power arrived within the hour.

• When Traverse City said "no" to biomass, TCL&P didn't pursue it.

• For new Christmas lights downtown or free wifi, it's TCL&P we call upon.

• My rates have not increased compared to other local providers.

If Proposal 1 passes, TCL&P could be sold. We'll have no say in rates or energy sources and lose local grants.

Why change an organization that's working well? I applaud TCL&P; I'm fortunate to have their services.

Marci Bultemeier

Traverse City

The writer is the wife of Light & Power board chairman Mike Coco.

End the free ride

Vote "yes" on City Proposals 1 and 2. The Traverse City Light & Power board, which is unaccountable to citizens, is engaged in a possible violation of the law by allowing a mailer to be sent to customers which clearly is meant to promote opposition to these proposals.

TCL&P's public relations person, who earns $48,112 plus benefits, did extensive research and design work on this document. It's obvious this board and management are totally against allowing citizen owners and ratepayers to have any say in operating TCL&P.

End their free ride, vote "yes" on Proposals 1 and 2 Nov. 2.

Darlene Miller

Traverse City

A man of integrity

Howard Walker is running for the senate seat in District 37. He was born in the Upper Peninsula and graduated from Michigan Tech. He was a business owner in Michigan for 15 years, served on the Traverse City School board, is married to a retired teacher and has served three terms in the State House of Representatives.

Howard cares about the progress and profitability of this state and supports both education and business. He always puts his district first in his decisions and is a man with integrity that you can trust. Please vote for Howard Walker on Nov. 2.

Mary K. Millross

Traverse City