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September 2, 2013

News From 100 Years Ago: 09/02/2013

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Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — n BEAT HIS DAUGHTER is charged against Boyd Avenue Man.

Ed Hubert, a Boyd Ave. resident, was arrested yesterday by Chief of Police Carson and placed in the county jail. The complaint against him was that of extreme cruelty to children. It is alleged that Hubert beat his daughter Katherine, seven years of age, almost into insensibility with a steel ramrod. It is probable that a petition for examination as to sanity will be made.

When arrested Hubert was relieved of a big Bowie knife which he carried with him at all times. He was much peeved when the weapon was taken away and asked to be given freedom long enough to get his shotgun.

n NEED NEW BRIDGE. Steps were taken last night by the city commission to provide the needed money for constructing a new bridge over the river on South Union street. This is an improvement that cannot be deferred much longer with profit to the city, for in the condition the old bridge is at present there is liable to be an accident at any time that will cost the city more than a new structure.

The old bridge has been repaired so many times that the limit has been reached, and in order to be on the safe side, it is considered essential that it be replaced by a new bridge that will be strong enough to handle the traffic that passes at this point. The bridge question is a live one for Traverse City, as there are four of the large ones that will have to be replaced within the next few years with no available funds for the purpose.

The bridge on South Union street is the worst condition and will have to be replaced first, and the question of financing the project was placed in the hands of the department of finance to devise ways and means. Had the city observed business rules and methods of economy in the past a fund would have been provided for financing these projects when it became necessary to rebuild, but the desire on the part of the different administrations to make a record for economy placed the city in present condition where all the bridges have to be replaced at once with no visible means for doing the work.

n A Number of the members of the Fortnightly club enjoyed a tango party in Horst’s academy last night. They were instructed by Pro. Bernique of Chicago, who came by special request. Mr. Bernique owns a large fruit farm on the Manitous and spends the summers looking after his orchard products.

n Lectures are well attended — Record-Eagle cooking school great success.

Capacity audiences are the rule at the Record-Eagle free cooking school which is now being conducted by Miss Marian Ainsworth in the vacant store room on Union Street and the hundreds of local housewives who are in daily attendance are enthusiasts in their praise of this progressive feature and sincere in their gratitude towards this paper for originating so attractive and interesting an event.

A thorough knowledge of her work, and the happy faculty of imparting that knowledge particularly fits Miss Ainsworth for her position and her pleasing personality and the thorough and painstaking manner in which her lecturers are presented and recipes demonstrated, has won for this clever woman many friends who will regret the impossibility of continuing the cooking school indefinitely in Traverse City, but her stay in this city is limited and the pleasing event will be brought to a close tomorrow evening when the final program will be offered.

“What to do with the leftovers” will be Miss Ainsworth’s subject at the closing session of the cooking school.

If you have not already enrolled in the cooking classes it is not yet too late to learn something of interest and value, the programs at each session are entirely changed and the evening classes have just as complete a program as those in the afternoon. Go tonight and again tomorrow afternoon and evening.