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May 21, 2012

News from ... 100 years ago: 05/21/2012

  • Seventy-five members and invited guests of the Congregational Brotherhood were treated Tuesday night to one of the most eloquent and inspiring addresses that has been given before that body this year by Hon. Amos S. Musselman of Grand Rapids. Many pertinent facts were brought out in regard to present day conditions and real needs of the people. After the supper, the men arose and sang the brotherhood song, led by Dr. S. S. Smith with Mrs. Kyselka at the piano.
  • E. A. Tuttle of Rochester, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs. W. Herriman, went to Manton and Cadillac today. He was accompanied by Mrs. Herriman as far as Manton where she will spend a few days with friends.
  • The people of Traverse City again expressed their faith in the principle of municipal ownership Tuesday at the special election held for the purpose of finding out whether the citizens were willing to invest $150,000 in the plant of the Queen City Electric Light and Power Company. The total was twenty less than that cast at the election in March but the opinion of those who voted was much stronger in favor of the proposition than it was at that time.
  • Mrs. H. Lucas, who has been visiting here for the past few days, the guest of her son, Henry Vanderwerp, went to McBain this morning to visit her daughter for a short time. She has enjoyed her stay in this city, having been entertained at several occasions and is looking forward to more such pleasant times at her next stop.
  • S. E. Wait left this morning for Detroit for a visit with his son, C. R. Wait and on his return will stop at Saginaw for a visit with his daughter, Mrs. S. W. Culver.
  • Henry Johnson was arrested this morning by Patrolman Carson on a charge of begging. He was given a hearing before Judge Umlor, who assessed him a fine of $5 and costs of $2 or seven days in jail. Of the two alternatives, the defendant was compelled to choose the latter, inasmuch as his loose change had been entirely exhausted.
  • A. V. Friedrich, John R. Santo and Joseph Sleder left here today for Bay City as delegates from this county to the Democratic state convention. They expect to return to this place Friday night.
  • Next Sunday will mark an epoch in Traverse City Methodism for on that day will be held the last service in the present church that for half a century has been a place of worship for Methodists of this vicinity. Preparations are underway for making this a big day. Sunday morning will render reminiscences by the older people of the city which promises to be something of interest. Work of tearing down the old building began Monday morning.
  • Bert Loudon, who has carried mail from the depot to the post office for about six years, has resigned his position and expects to go to Suttons Bay to run the dray line there. A special farewell is being planned by the workers at the depot and the post office.
  • Little Miss Fredericka White of 519 Fifth Street, although only seven years old, has achieved an honor of which she may justly feel proud. Last December the Woman's Home Companion offered prizes for the best verse entitled, "My Christmas Wish". Fredericka composed three verses and sent them and yesterday, a box containing a beautiful doll dressed dainty garments, was left at the door by the postman.
  • Interest in fruit growing in this locality is steadily increasing and several hundred acres have been added to the orchard acreage in this vicinity this spring. These include all leading varies of fruit, but the apple, cherry and peach predominate as these have been found to be the most profitable for this soil and climate.
  • Advice on deportment. Learn to govern yourself and to be gentle and patient.
  • Medical advice of a century ago. Meats and tough vegetables are to be avoided and Mother Nature gives us a hint of this by taking away our teeth.
  • Best buy of the week. Boys' Summer Suits, from $2.45 to $4.90 at Steinberg Bros.

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