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May 14, 2012

News from 100 years ago: 05/14/2012

n That a white pine tree will grow to merchantable size from a seedling in 35 years, Norway in 40 years and that a cedar swamp lumbered clean today will yield the same market value again in 15 years, if the fires are kept out, is the assertion made by Deputy State Forestry Warden J. H. McGillivray here Wednesday. "Michigan is waking up to the importance of the prevention of the forest fire." said McGillivray. Several companies will be formed in the city and surrounding region for active work on the issue this summer.

n The summer resorters are beginning to arrive at lodgings along the lakes in the area. From what this office has been told, it will be a busy season with most rooms and cottages filled.

n Mr. and Mrs. John Osborn and son, Harry, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beeman were Platte callers Saturday night to attend the Gleaners meeting at the town hall in Osborn. A large attendance was reported and the meeting was very satisfactory to all.

n J. E. Hogeland, aged 73 years, died Friday afternoon at his home near Mabel, after more than a year's illness. Mr. Hogeland had lived on the Fairbanks farm for some time and during his residence in the vicinity met and won many friends. He is survived by a widow, a daughter and two sons.

n The Grant and Green Lake Sunday school convention was held at the West Union church Saturday. The theme of the convention was "Working Plans for a Rural Sunday School". Readings devotions, discussions, recitations, music, prayers and a dinner were on the program.

n Shortly after 6 o'clock Friday morning, the automatic switchboard of the Citizens Telephone Company, situated in the rear rooms on the second floor of the Tonnelier block, caught fire. It is presumed that the flame was started by a spark from the electric wires. It was an expensive fire for about seven hundred phones were put out of commission and it will be several days before repairs are made.

n E. T. Schmittle, state manager fro the Singer Sewing Machine Company, returned Friday to Grand Rapids from a brief visit here on business. He was very pleased with the handsome growth in sales in the city and surrounding area.

n Grace Church Woman's club met Wednesday at Mrs. Bowen's, 508 Washington Street. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President - Mrs. T. W. Thirlby; Vice President - Mrs. Archie Cameron; Treasurer - Mrs. W. F. Bowen; Secretary - Mrs. E. I. Thirlby.

n The first of a two-day series of parties given by Mesdames O. C. Moffatt, A. F. Cameron, W. J. Hobbs and Miss Billings occurred in the Moffat home, 120 Park Street Tuesday afternoon, when they entertained about sixty guests at cards. It was one of the most charmingly appointed parties given in the city during the spring season. The two guests who held the highest scores were Mrs. J. M. Wilhelm and Mrs. Charles Abbott and each received handsome plates.

n Mrs. I. D. Lamphear and Mrs. F. Bower of Cadillac returned home this afternoon from several days' visit here as the guests of J. R. Lamphear. A number of social gatherings were planned in their honor which were enjoyed by them and their many friends in this city.

n J. F. Gillispie left here yesterday afternoon for Hot Springs, Arkansas where he will spend three months visiting relatives and friends. Mr. Gillispie was a former resident of that place and returns frequently to keep the bonds of friendship close.

n Advice on deportment. Learn to deny yourself and prefer others.

n Medical advice of a century ago. In the dietetic treatment of old age, give only digestible food which does not produce too large a residue of waste matter.

n Best buy of the week. Axminster Rugs, 9 x 12, $17.75 at J. W. Slater.

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