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September 26, 2011

News from 100 Years Ago: 09/26/2011

-- Mrs. Guy M. Johnson and Mrs. J. W. Armstrong were the charming hostesses at a very beautiful party last Thursday afternoon. There were about seventy guests present, six-handed euchre being the game of the afternoon. Those favored with prizes were Mrs. Karl Horst, a silver fork and Mrs. John McIntosh, a silver spoon.

-- Richard Sparling and Mary Yingling surprised a number of their friends by coming to this city last Wednesday, accompanied by Ion Wellin and Miss Moore and were quietly married. Although it was a great surprise, everybody wished them many years of happiness.

-- S. A. Bridgewater of England and British lay delegate to the ecumenical conference in Toronto next month, will preach in the Methodist church at Fife Lake next Sunday evening. He is uncle to the pastor and is visiting the States and Canada for the first time.

-- The ladies of the Cemetery Improvement Association are jubilant over their successful effort in serving lunches during the fair at Kingsley. A very good lunch was served at a very reasonable price and a neat sum added to their treasury.

-- The Hannah & Lay Company are the first to construct a dock line in accordance with the line laid out by the city engineer and adopted by the city council. This line that is being built is 225 feet in length and runs from the Union Street bridge to the end of the store and will be a permanent one. When all the others along the river build their dock lines, the river will present a very pleasing appearance.

-- Miss Louise Pratt of Old Mission, who has been spending a few days with friends here, left today for Ann Arbor where she will enter the U of M. Miss Pratt is a recent graduate of the city high school and has plans to work toward a degree in education.

-- Chris Breightup and family, who reside on North Cedar Street, had a narrow escape from being cremated Friday morning when they awoke and found their house in flames. When the firemen reached the scene the entire house was in flames and had spread to some of the smaller buildings nearby. From all indications, it is believed the fire started in the kitchen.

-- Louis Pirillo, the Italian who pleaded guilty in the circuit court last Friday to a charge of manslaughter, was sentenced this morning by Judge Mayne to serve from five to fifteen years in the state reformatory at Ionia. Pirillo was one of a gang in a saloon at Wexford last July and ran amok in a dispute over the purchasing of drinks for the crowd. He stabbed Al Burdick in the groin, inflicting a wound that resulted in the man's death.

-- Mrs. R. S. MacGregor, accompanied by her daughters, Misses Lillian and Margaret, left for Ludington today where they will make their future home. Rev. MacGregor left yesterday.

-- Lieut. and Mrs. Roland Boughton and little son, Robert, who have been visiting Mrs. J. A. Moore of State Street, returned this morning to their home in Ft. Sheridan, Illinois. While guests of Mrs. Moore, several social entertainments were enjoyed by many friends and neighbors.

-- Advice on deportment. Young people should not expect friends to bestow wedding gifts.

-- Medical advice of a century ago. To treat diseases of the heart and blood vessels, food should not be taken at short intervals as digestion is slow.

-- Best buy of the week. Men's Fleece Line Underwear, Extra Value, 39 cents per garment at Steinberg Bros.

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