Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 7, 2011

News from ... 100 Years Ago: 11/07/2011

By Emma Jane Muir
Special to the Record-Eagle

— • Emil Ludley, former superintendent of the public schools at Grand Marais, passed through the city a couple of weeks ago, accompanied by his wife, on his way to Ann Arbor. Mr. Ludley has entered the University of Michigan to further his studies in education.

• Dr. Fleming Carrow is in the city making final preparations for his country home on west shore. He intends to occupy the house about the middle of November.

• Misses Josephine Greilick, Edith and Lillian Parr and Besse Henneh returned this morning after spending last week with Miss Lu Jahraus at Octanary Club, Carp Lake. The ladies thoroughly enjoyed their visit and were very impressed with the beauty of the area.

• Adeline Beatrice Clark entertained 13 of her little friends at her home last Thursday in honor of her third birthday. The birthday cake in the center of the table, graced with three candles and the Teddy bear cookies were the delight of the children.

• This afternoon in Circuit Court, it finally agreed to take up the case of Daniel C. Vibber vs. Arlington Speer and the jury was empaneled. This case was brought for damages arising from a fight that occurred in Paradise Township some time ago in which Vibber came out second.

• Last Friday, John F. Ott presented to the directors of the Board of Trade a proposition for a summer hotel upon his property, the total cost of which would be $150,000. The plan contemplates a large structure covering a portion of the old mill property, facing the bay.

The plan includes a boat livery, a bathing beach with up-to-date facilities, a bandstand, a large dining room and a spacious dancing room.

• The announcement has recently been received of the marriage of Roy Franklin Steward to Miss Clara Merrill of Dorchester, Mass. Mr. Steward is the son of Will Steward, a prominent business man of Chicago, formerly of this place and was the grandson of H. E. Steward, a pioneer of the Grand Traverse region.

• A new Sunday school was organized at the Pine Grove schoolhouse last Sunday. The following were chosen: Superintendent, Ethel Armstrong; Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. George Bowman; Secretary, Ethel Huddleston; Treasurer, Mrs. E. C. Huddleston.

• The first of a series of illustrated lectures was given last evening by the pastor and choir in the Congregational church at Cedar. It was "The Story of Christ, Told in Picture and Song." A large audience attended and praised the performance enthusiastically.

• The Opportunity class met at the home of Miss Ora Everett on Seventh Street Tuesday evening where they were entertained at a miscellaneous show given in honor of Miss Lulu Britton, whose marriage has been announced to take place in the near future. The house was prettily decorated in pink and white asters and the same color scheme was carried out in the refreshments as much a possible.

• Fred Colyer has returned to his duties in the stationery division of the "big store" after a week's vacation at his home in Cedar Springs. Mrs. Ed Jacoby, manager of the luncheonette department at the same store, returned to her position following a week's vacation.

• Advice on deportment. If a hand reaches out to admire a breast pin, draw back and take it off for inspection.

• Medical advice of a century ago. Milk constitutes the chief article of diet for a measles patient.

• Best buy of the week. 50 Ladies' Skirts, All trimmed, $1.97 at The Globe..