Traverse City Record-Eagle

January 23, 2012

News From 100 Years Ago: 01/23/2012

Special to the Record-Eagle

---- — n The regular meeting of Traverse City lodge, Knights of Pythias, was held at their Castle hall last evening. One of Chief Case's famous fish suppers was served from six to seven and was well patronized. A full list of committees was appointed for the ensuing year and some new features are to be tried out which it is expected will increase materially the interest in the order.

n There was considerable interest in Tuesday night's meeting of the Board of Trade at the council rooms. A proposition of considerable importance was presented by J. H. Miller involving the expenditure of a large amount of money but the nature of which is advisedly not made public at this time but later when certain requirements for the city shall materialize.

n Friends of Spencer Staske, formerly employed by the City Book Store and who is very well-known in the city, will be pleased to learn that he has accepted the position of manager of one of the Woolworth stores located at Martins Ferry, Ohio. Spencer is to be congratulated on his success in the business world.

n John McGill received a badly injured leg and Frank Miller's horse was severely hurt when the bank at the gravel pit on James Harris' farm, west of town, caved in this afternoon. Just how bad Mr. McGill was hurt could not be ascertained.

n Since the water in the bays and lakes in this vicinity have been frozen over, the open water below the Union Street bridge has been a playground for ducks and gulls and every day hundreds of them gather for a swim and general play times. Today there were whistlers, mallards, redheads and others that are well-known to the hunters and bird lovers.

n Miss Marguerite McDonald of this city and Albert Crowell of Boyne City were quietly married at the Baptist parsonage Wednesday night, the Rev. C. H. Irving officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Crowell will make their home in Boyne City.

n The boys of the high school have organized a new club which they call the Athenion Club. This club is for the express purpose of promoting impromptu speaking, for parliamentary drills and to enlarge the good fellowship feeling in the school. The newly elected officers are Frank Hayden, Harry Holliday and Oren Sayre. In all, there are 54 members.

n The Development Bureau will make an exhibit of farm seeds in glass jars at the Farmers' Institute. This will be held in the courthouse Wednesday morning beginning at 9:45.

n Mrs. C. Neumann, of Ionia, passed through the city today on her return home from Suttons Bay where she took the body of her father Dietz for burial. Mr. Dietz, a long-time resident and respected businessman of Suttons Bay, had been ill for several months.

n Advice on deportment. As a gentleman alights from a carriage, he takes care not to step on a lady's dress.

n Medical advice of a century ago. It is widely accepted that criminals should not create offspring for the vast majority of our criminals are the children of criminals.

n Best buy of the week. Children's Books, 10 percent to 33 percent off, Also Splendid Books at 10 to 20 cents at City Book Store.

n The regular meeting of Grand Traverse Grange will be held in the hall on Cass Street next Saturday. The afternoon program will consist of talks by members outlining the leading events in the lives of the several aspirants for the nomination for the presidency.

n Andrew H. Foppe, the political writer on the Cincinnati Enquirer, has secured the Taft farm located on the west shore of the bay in Leelanau County, together with the farm adjoining it. He will stock them both with poultry which he believes is an indispensable adjunct to fruit raising. He will raise white Leghorns. If they can't be stocked from this locality, he will bring them with him from Cincinnati.