Traverse City Record-Eagle

August 27, 2012

News From ... 100 Years Ago: 08/27/2012

By Emma Jane Muir, Special to the Record-Eagle

---- — -- An occasion which was marked with great significance, witnessed by hundreds of people and which will be long remembered by the people of this city was the laying of the cornerstone of the new Central Methodist Episcopal church Friday afternoon. Before the scheduled hour of the service, many automobiles and carriages drew up before the church and the occupants watched and listened from their seats. For other guests, chairs and benches had been arranged.

-- Traffic scouts of the Pere Marquette Railroad report that Michigan growers along the lines will ship by freight over the system more than 1,000 carloads of fruit within the next six or eight weeks. These figures illustrate the effect of the unusually severe winter on the Michigan orchards. The Traverse City district will supply seventy carloads of apples.

-- P. F. Farmer who has been in the city for the past month, left this morning for Grand Rapids. He will visit at that place for some time before returning to his home in Chicago.

-- Because luck happened to be all their way, was about the only reason five people of Harlin were saved from serious injury Sunday. The Reo touring car in which they were coming at a good rate of speed down McRae Hill near Buckley was thrown up into the air over a 15 foot embankment. The emergency brake thrown too quickly and too hard is supposed to have caused the accident.

-- Mrs. E. E. Kimbell and daughter, Mary arrived here today from Petoskey where they have been spending the summer. After a short visit in the city, they will return to their home in Detroit.

-- Owing to changes made in the method of exhibiting and territory comprised in the different classes at the Michigan state fair, Frank Smith of the peninsula is put at a distinct disadvantage. Although the silver cup has been won by Mr. Smith the past two years, it will be difficult repeat now because the exhibit includes an entire county.

-- That the candy manufactured in the state of Michigan is pure is shown by a report just issued by the State Pure Food Department. Of the 278 samples of confectionery analyzed by the state chemist, not one instance of adulteration was found nor were any of the samples misbranded.

-- All kinds of reports have been current today in regard to the collision that happened yesterday north of Charlevoix when passenger train No. 8 southbound ran into a dummy train. Two engines were wrecked and about eight passengers were severely injured. As near as can be ascertained, there were another dozen who sustained minor injuries and bruises. No one was killed.

-- Mr. and Mrs. Tunis Johnson of the G. J. Johnson Cigar Co., Grand Rapids, are in the city as guest of Miss Cecile Ellis on Union Street. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are visiting the northern resorts, making the trip in their Mitchell roadster.

-- Miss Bessie Packard of Urbana, Illinois, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. P. Vane of 112 West Front Street, left yesterday for Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. She will attend the student conference of the Y. W. C. A. in that city.

-- Advice on deportment. When you call at any residence, do not neglect to clean your shoes thoroughly.

-- Medical advice of a century ago. For elderly people, spectacles are usually preferred to eyeglasses, except for occasional use.

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