Traverse City Record-Eagle

April 22, 2013

News From ... 100 Years Ago: 04/22/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — -- Grayling will be the official site of the Michigan National Guard Encampment. The Bill providing for this has passed both branches of the legislature and is up for the Governor for his signature.

That it will be signed is certain in view of his special message to the legislature urging the passage of the Bill. An interesting situation relative to the bill occurred yesterday. The Senate passed it after a hard fight made against it by Sam Odell. An amendment carrying an appropriation of $30,000 was attached. The bill went back to the House for concurrence in the amendment, but no amendment was apparent. It was discovered today and the Bill as at the time passed stood minus an appropriation to make it effective.

Immediately the supporters of the Ludington and Holland sites began to pass division, but they were too hasty. The Bill was called in, the amendment dug up, and in a moment’s time, against the opposition of Cap. Tufts and C.H. McBride, was adopted and the Bill repassed with the amendment and appropriation. This was the last step and the Bill now needs only the signature of the Governor to become a law.

-- The construction work on the new post office building is being pushed. The brick work is several feet above the water level and part of the interior construction is under way.

-- A runaway horse caused considerable excitement on Front Street for a few moments this morning. The animal was hitched to a dray and in some way one of the side boards had become loosened and was protruding from the side of the vehicle. Several rigs were nearly caught by the board but fortunately no actual collision took place. The horse ran down West Front Street to Union, where he turned south and was finally captured near the corner of Union and State Streets.