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News From 100 Years Ago

August 8, 2011

News from 100 years ago: 08/08/2011

• Work of canning apples was started at the Mikesell canning factory last Monday, over 1,200 bushels being put through during the day. Many loads have arrived today and the work is progressing rapidly.

• Fred Fisk of Central Lake will move to this city with his family in a short time. Cooley Campbell who is associated with him in business will also bring his family here for their permanent home.

• Last Wednesday a very pretty wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Strahan when their youngest daughter gave her hand in marriage to Mr. Vernon Richardson, one of Kalkaska's popular young men. They were attended by Miss Banner of Springfield and Mr. Ray Richardson of Kalkaska. The nuptial knot was tied by Rev. M. McQuay, an ordained elder of the U. B. church.

• Mrs. Art Irish of Grand Rapids arrived this morning being called home by the death of her brother, Manley Wilson. He lost his life in a drowning accident yesterday.

• It was a lovely day for the old settlers' picnic at Burdickville on the third. Over 700 people attended. The address of welcome was given by Mr. Beeman, the president. His reference to the pioneers as the ones we should thank for bearing the burden as the first for changing the wilderness into fine farms and farm houses, good roads, mills, factories, etc. was good.

• Everett Reeder, publisher of the Plain Dealer at Lake City, was here on business yesterday and to inspect the plant of this newspaper and the Record Company. He was highly complimentary on the facilities and the work of both publications.

• Those who took dinner with Mrs. Perhall Monday at North Paradise were her mother, Mrs. Sayers, Mrs. Koan and son, Mrs. Moor and daughter Eva and Ella Welline. They all had a jolly good time.

• The Odd Fellows at Monroe Center expect to have their new building completed about the first of September. When completed, it will be a very substantial and up-to-date building.

• Deputy Game Warden G. Alalen Smith has received reports to the effect that resorters from Chicago and other cities who are stopping at Forest Lodge, Long Lake, are killing protected birds upon and along the lake. This is contrary to law and carries with it a severe penalty and if found to be true, the offenders will be given the full extent of the law. The reports claim that four men have been in the habit of pursuing loons and other birds in launches and killing them.

• After several attempts, the Board of Education succeeded in mustering a quorum Friday evening and several matters of importance were disposed of in regard to the different schools of the city. Several teaching vacancies were filled making the teaching staff complete. It was also reported that the state will not pay the salary of the teacher of the deaf because the law provides that school must be conducted for a full nine months in order to secure the money.

• Advice on deportment. Conversation is not to talk continually, but to listen and speak in turn.

• Medical advice of a century ago. For the strength of a patient with a fever, a nourishing diet must be kept up, but solids are not permissible.

• Best buy of the week. Beautiful Library Table, $5.73 at J. W. Slater.

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