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News From 100 Years Ago

October 14, 2013

News From 100 Years Ago: 10/14/2013

n GREAT APPLE DISPLAY: Will open at State Bank on November 5.

The Traverse City State Bank is mailing 500 letters to the fruit growers in this region soliciting contributions for the big apple show that they will carry on beginning Nov. 5. The indications are that this will be the most extensive display ever made, as unusual interest is already manifest among those who have orchards of this region.

n Every man who claims to be a hunter was out in his best garb yesterday. It was said that they were going after birds. Some did come home with a good string, while there were others who had a good time following their dogs and endeavoring to teach them to locate the game.

n The heavy frost of last night did worlds of good and will enable the potato growers to care for their crops.

n In observance of Columbus day the postoffice was open only from seven to nine o’clock this morning.

n The northern Michigan steamer Missouri docked here yesterday.

n W.O. Wilhelm of Mt. Sterling, O., is in the city for a short time on business.

n Bob Whittaker, who was arrested Saturday by Patrolman Ross, plead guilty to a drunk and disorderly charge before Justice Birdsall this morning. Sentence was suspended and Whittaker was charged with the task of providing his wife with three dollars weekly and promised to abstain from the use of liquor in the future. He will report to the judge at regular intervals and give a report of his conduct.

n John Kucers, who was arrested a few days ago on complaint of his wife and who is being held on a charge of abusing his family, is having an examination in probate court this afternoon.

n East Johnson was locked up last night by patrolman Wright when he was found promenading the main streets, and taking up a large share of both walks and the pavement as he progressed. He plead guilty to a drunk and disorderly charge before Justice Birdsall this morning and paid a fine and costs of $9.15.

n The streets Saturday afternoon and evening had the appearance of a holiday and every store in the business district did a thriving business.

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