Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 27, 2012

News from 100 Years Ago: 02/27/2012

By Emma Jane Muir

---- — • John Nelson, of 220 Spruce Street, met with a serious accident Friday afternoon. While at work on a tramway at the ice house of John N. Hopkins, he slipped and fell a distance of about twenty feet to the ground. He struck his head and shoulders sustaining a severe fracture at the base of his skull. His recovery is precarious.

• It takes something more than 26 degrees below zero to keep the W. R. C. ladies of Maple City at home on the regular meeting day. Saturday morning two new members were initiated, Mrs. S. R. Burke and Miss Carrie Bennet. After a bountiful repast, the meeting was called to order by President Mrs. A. Vennard, installing new officers and appointing the committees.

• Friday afternoon, J. W. Hannen received a very encouraging letter from R. Floyd Clinch of Chicago, announcing that he desired to subscribe $100 towards the support of the Traverse City State league baseball team. Mr. Clinch expresses himself as willing to aid in such public enterprises and if further subscriptions are required, he would be pleased to have the officers call on him again.

• Saturday evening the plant of the Hines Motor Company was discovered to be on fire and an alarm was turned in from the box at the corner of Bay and North Union streets. Luckily, the firemen had just returned from the South Side Company fire and were able to respond promptly. The fire is supposed to have originated from a stove.

• Last Sunday evening a party of young joy riders at Bates had the misfortune of getting spilled out in the snow bank. No one was hurt, so all reported a dandy time.

• Our correspondent at Greilickville reports that Mrs. Newman's birthday was celebrated with the callers staying until 2 a.m. A bountiful pot luck supper was served, after which the friends departed wishing her many more happy birthdays. They also had a postcard shower of 60 lovely cards.

• William J. Coleman, of Saskatchewan, Canada and Olive F. Lardie of Mapleton, were united in marriage Monday morning at St. Francis church, the ceremony performed by Rev. Fr. Faucher of Elk Rapids. After the ceremony the bridal party returned to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Shereatte where a number of invited guests welcomed the couple. They will spend some time visiting relatives and friends and will leave about March 10 for their future home at Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan.

• The South Side Company started work this morning on a temporary mill to be erected just south of where the old mill stood. The structure will be up in within ten days and then the company will be in a position to fill their orders.

• The sixty-second quarterly convention of the Acme and Whitewater Sunday School Association was held at Bates Saturday, J. H. Lyon presiding. The song and praise service were lead by Edd Fox. Plan of work for the coming years was a subject well laid out by J. W. Green and others. A dinner and social hour were followed by the election of officers for the coming year.

• Roy Vandebogart has received the appointment of postmaster at Bendon and will take charge of the office March 1st. Mr. Vandebogart has been R. F. D. carrier the last three years.

• Advice on deportment. A gentleman never speaks of himself except when compelled.

• Medical advice of a century ago. Don't worry. It ages yourself and all your friends.

• Best buy of the week. Beautiful Embroideries, Edgings and Insertions, 10 cents per yard at Steinberg Bros.