Traverse City Record-Eagle

July 23, 2012

100 years ago: 07/23/2012

By Emma Jane Muir

---- — n The Grand Traverse Fruit Commission is the name of an organization formed Saturday for the purpose of making the most possible out of fruit development in this region. Its membership consists of the members of the committees appointed by the formal organizations for the purpose of cooperating for the common good in the matter of harvesting, shipping and marketing.

n E. L. Hughes was called to Scottville Saturday night on account of the serious illness of Mrs. Hughes who was visiting for the past week and expected to return home Saturday. Mr. Hughes telephoned for Miss Miller, a trained nurse, and she left today.

n Vivian Dame of Lansing and Marion Dame of Chicago, passed through the city this morning on their way to Northport. They will spend the remainder of the summer at that place.

n Word has been received from Capt. and Mrs. Hoare of the local branch of the Salvation Army who have been away on a thirty-day furlough, to the effect that next Sunday evening will occur their farewell in Traverse City. Mr. and Mrs. Hoare have had charge of the work here for the past sixteen months during which time they have proven themselves hard workers in the cause and devoted Christians. They will be greatly missed by those with whom they have worked while here.

n J. C. Morgan and family returned last night from Chicago in their Oakland Forty. They left about a week ago and arrived in Chicago in time to attend the commencement exercises at the school where Miss Mary Morgan attends. The party stopped at Manistee yesterday and attended the ball game there. The car was driven by Howard Morgan.

n Mrs. H. P. Tremaine has returned from a visit to Lansing and Lowell. She stopped at Grand Rapids where Mr. Tremaine was ill and brought him to their home at 1028 Boyd Avenue.

n A. G. Grayson returned today to Pellston after attending the funeral of his uncle, Oscar Simpson. His little daughter, Miss Leotta, who has been visiting at the Graysons' for the past two weeks, returned home with him.

n Chief of Police Johnson returned Saturday night from a trip to the Soo and Georgian Bay. He took the trip on the steamer Manistee of which his brother is captain.

n Many reports have been made regarding the general heat wave all over the country. Numerous deaths have been recorded, mill hands have been compelled to quit their work and weather forecasters see no let up in sight from the pelting rays of the sun, especially in the large cities. Five deaths have been reported in Pittsburgh, five in Chicago, eleven in Philadelphia, four in New York and three in Boston.

n Mrs. George H. Lathrop, aged 82 years, died at her home "Edgewood" last Tuesday. Mrs. Lathrop came here several years ago and built the first cottage at Edgewood, calling her summer home by that name. Thus was the resort which has grown to be one of the most popular in the region. She was a most beautiful character and has won friends throughout the area.

n Miss Margaret Holden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Holden, left yesterday to assume the position of dietitian in St. Barnabas Hospital, Minneapolis.

n Advice on deportment. A bad breath should be carefully remedied, whether it proceeds from the stomach or bad teeth.

n Medical advice of a century ago. Nearsightedness may be corrected, in part, by looking at distant objects in the heaven or on the ocean.

n Best buy of the week. Best ten-cent cigar, LaFrizette, Traverse City Cigar Manufacturer.