Traverse City Record-Eagle

December 19, 2011

News From ... 100 Years Ago: 12/19/2011


---- — -- Victor Petertyl is preparing to enlarge his business and branch out to new lines of the manufacturing business. In order to do so, he has placed on sale all of his present stock of buggies, wagons and sleighs. The change in business will prove a good thing for Traverse City as he will greatly increase his present number of employees.

-- The Mayflower club has recently organized a basketball team for the purpose of playing outside teams. it is expected to play Frankfort at that place tomorrow night with the calculations of playing a return date in this city the following Friday.

-- This forenoon, while Ernest Meabon, aged 22, was hauling logs for the F. C. Desmon Company at Carter's Siding, he met some boys on the road who were hunting and while stopping to talk with them, he took the gun from the hands of the boy who was carrying it and began to make an examination. In some manner, the rifle went off and the bullet struck him beneath his right eye and lodging in his forehead. He was taken to a nearby house where he was given every attention. He is expected to make a good recovery.

-- The Oval Wood Dish Company announced today that the sawmill would start up on Saturday and on Monday the entire plant would be in operation. This is good news to several hundred employees. The absence of snow has retarded timber operations but the company is prepared to begin work as soon as there is good sleighing.

-- The whistle of the steam thresher is heard again in the Osborn vicinity and Mr. and Mrs. James Sweet are threshing buckwheat for the farmers that did not thresh before the snow came on last month. They have a busy line-up of farmers waiting for their machine to come to do the work.

-- The marriage of Miss Ida Dailey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Dailey, 228 West Ninth Street, to Philip Shermer, occurred Wednesday afternoon at the home of the bride's parents. The ceremony was witnessed by only the relatives of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Shermer are well and favorably known among a large circle of friends who join in extending congratulations.

-- Deputy State Game and Fish Warden G. Allen Smith made a big haul of white fish caught out of season at Northport Thursday. He seized six boxes of fish stored away under the farmer's dock where the fish were concealed in a crib.The fish were condemned and sent to the state game warden's department to be destroyed.

-- The reception and card party given Thursday afternoon by Mrs. W. C. Hull and Mrs. Tracy H. Gillis at the home of the former, was one of the finest and largest ever given in the city. From two until four-thirty the guests were entertained at cards in the ballroom on the third floor and then invited downstairs where a reception was held with refreshments and Horst's orchestra playing in the music room.

-- Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gilbert of Grawn, left for Florida last week where they expect to make their future residence. Their many friends presented them with a trunk and a purse of $8 as a little token of esteem. The couple will be greatly missed by all.

-- The German Remedy Company, who are having entertainments in Dr.Clark's hall every night this week are well appreciated, being one of the best shows ever held here. The popular contests are creating a lot of excitement.

-- Mrs. Charles W. Faust gave a very pleasant thimble party Wednesday afternoon in honor of Mrs. J. B. Crawford, of Ithaca, who is visiting her sister, Mrs. L. M. Bennett. During the afternoon Mrs. A. H. Holiday favored the company with several vocal selections accompanied by Mrs. W. D. G. Germaine at the piano. Light refreshments were served, the favors being red carnations.

-- Advice on deportment. When a gentleman escorts a lady home from a ball, she should not invite him to enter the house.

-- Medical advice of a century ago. Food must be carefully administered from the beginning without waiting for depression to come on while nursing a patient with pneumonia.

-- Best buy of the week. Holiday Sale of Blankets and Comforts. 42 cents - $2.75 at Steinberg Bros.