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News From 100 Years Ago

April 18, 2011

News From 100 Years Ago: 04/18/2011

• Friday afternoon volumes of smoke were seen rising in the vicinity of Main Street in Mayfield. Upon some quite excited investigation, a chimney on August Gran's house was found to be burning out and the natural anxiety on nearby property owners was soon allayed.

• Leo Buckley left Sunday for Victoria, British Columbia where he has secured an excellent position with an interior finishing plant that is being changed into a furniture manufacturing factory, making cases and chairs a specialty. Mr. Buckner formerly had charge of the Traverse City Chair Company.

• The sale conducted at the farm of William Habbeler near Lake Ann yesterday was one of the largest ever held in the Grand Traverse region, over 400 being present. The auctioneering was done by B. G. Belcher and he secured remarkable prices for all the tools and stock sold, the net receipts being $1,993.

• While driving his two passenger runabout down East Eighth Street Sunday, Alfred Newman lost control of the car and became entangled with the new Ford owned by A. W. Peck which was standing in front of his residence on Eighth Street. Considerable damage was done to both cars.

• The Salvation Army is now located in their new hall on the ground floor of the Boughey Building, corner of State and Cass Streets. A cordial welcome is extended to everyone to meet at the hall for any or all of the meetings. There will be good music, good singing and speaking. Seats are free.

• A gathering of young people met at the home of Joe Smith near Acme Saturday night. Dancing was engaged in for a while after which light refreshments were served. All reported a fine time.

• During the coming year there will be two less saloons in Traverse City than there are at the present time. This condition was made possible by the action of the council Monday when an ordinance was passed limiting the number of saloons to twenty. This ordinance was passed unanimously and given immediate effect.

• Traverse City will be one of the few towns in Michigan and the only town in the northern part of the state to witness the flight of an aeroplane. Andrew Smith and his associates in the manufacture of his newly invented aeroplane engine have purchased one of the standard Bleriot aeroplanes which is expected to be delivered on or before May 1st.

• T. W. Good and family and Mrs. Stevens of this city ate warm sugar with Mrs. S. B. Cate and family at Solon Sunday. Also present were T. R. White and family and A. J. White of Crescent, North Manitou.

• Next Friday night, the Lady Maccabees from Ogdensburg will give a progressive pedro party at their hall at Old Mission. They will play 12 games after which supper will be served and following, there will be dancing.

• Mrs. Barbara Bezemek died suddenly at her home on Third Street at an early hour Monday morning. She had not been sick and arose and prepared breakfast as usual. On entering the house shortly after the meal, the husband found her in a fainting condition. Before he could secure medical assistance, she was dead. Heart disease is supposed to have been the cause and possibly a post mortem will be held. Three little children beside the husband survive.

• Advice on deportment. When traveling, a gentleman may offer his newspaper to a lady who is also a passenger.

• Medical advice of a century ago. When caring for a sick patient, the nurse should have as little communication as possible with the household.

• Best buy of the week. Genuine Dongola Shoes for Women, Lace and Patent Tips, $1.28 at The Hannah & Lay Co.

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