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April 9, 2012

News From 100 Years Ago: 04/09/2012

-- Miss Alice R. Marah, provisional secretary of the central territory of the national board of the Young Women's Christian Association, arrived in the city Wednesday and last evening many of those who had been showing interest in the work who could be reached, met at the home of Mrs. Edgar Keith to talk the matter over with Miss Marah. She told of the experiences of the workers in the larger cities, their successes and failures and the real meaning of the name.

-- P. Nailor's home was the scene of a merry bunch of young people Saturday night in honor of Albert Cunningham, who celebrated his 21st birthday. The entertainment consisted of games, music and refreshments.

-- Mrs. O. J. C. Woodman, worthy chaplain of the Michigan State Grange, will give a series of lectures throughout the county this coming week in connection with the local option campaign. Mrs. Woodman's visit will prove a rare treat to the people of the county and especially the Grangers to whom she is very well known.

-- Sunday services at the M. E. church will feature preaching at 10:30 a.m. by pastor, Rev. A. W. Baker. The theme will be "The Quality of God's Forgiveness".

-- William A. Prindle and Miss Gladys Davis were married last Monday afternoon at the home of the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Prindle, Sr. Rev. A. W. Baker officiated. After the ceremony, a bounteous dinner was served.

-- Ed Carothers was the victim of a surprise party Wednesday night. The occasion being his 19th birthday there were 24 present. A general good time was enjoyed by all.

-- Now that the alterations in the Campbell Building on South Union Street are about finished, Traverse City will have the best Naval Reserve armory and drill hall in the state. The new rooms present an aspect of richness and luxury, having been finished in beaver board paneled with oak strips, together with oak doors and trimmings. The armory will be well lighted because of the large number of tungsten lights that have been installed.

-- A very enthusiastic meeting of the newly elected Republican ward committee men was held Thursday evening in the law offices of Covell Cross. The officers elected for the ensuing terms are: Chairman - W. D. C. Germaine; Secretary - Lewis W. Smith; Treasurer - E. C. Hogan.

-- Mrs. Sarah Fairbanks, wife of Andrew G. Fairbanks, died at her home, 639 East Front Street Wednesday night of typhoid fever. Mrs. Fairbanks was taken sick on her fifty-first birthday March 15, and since then has been confined to her bed. Mrs. Fairbanks was a woman loved by all who knew her, a devoted mother and a friend to all. She is survived by her husband and two sons.

-- The neighbors and friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wynkoop at Cedar Run last Tuesday evening and gave them a farewell party before the couple return to Canada. The evening was spent with cards and dancing and visiting until midnight when the ladies served a potluck supper.

-- Last Wednesday, the Aid society at Matchett, met with Mrs. Hannah Gibbs and sewed carpet rags. There were fourteen ladies and four gentlemen present. After dinner, the Rev. H. Kennedy favored the ladies with two solos which were much enjoyed.

-- Advice on deportment. Ladies do a little curtsey and men greet with a bow when the meet someone entering a room.

-- Medical advice of a century ago. Life can be prolonged by a proper change of climate and of scene.

-- Best Buy of the Week. Some of the Best Cigar Brands in Traverse City, 5 cents - 10 cents at A. W. Jahrous, T. C. Cigars.

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