Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 22, 2012

News from ... 100 years ago

By Emma Jane Muir, Special to the Record-Eagle

---- — n The Oak Park Mothers' club held an interesting meeting Tuesday afternoon in the school at which there was a large number of members and friends present. The subject of the afternoon was in charge of Mrs. William McCool and the topic was "Woman Suffrage". Rev. C. H. Irving was the first speaker. Mrs. E. A. Evans then gave a history of the woman suffrage movement in the United States, showing that it had been in practice since 1869.

n Kenneth Shadek has returned from Ann Arbor and will spend the winter at his home here. He expects to return to Ann Arbor in early spring.

n Miss Marion Dickison is home from South Boardman this week. Her school was closed on account of diphtheria.

n An official meeting was held at the home of A. J. Sheck at Boardman green spot recently for the purpose of organizing a school district. The following officers were elected: A. J. Sheck, director; W. Sayres, secretary; and E. Jones, moderator. Mr. Sheck presented the district with an acre of land for a school lot which will be cleared and a house erected as soon as possible.

n Mrs. Milton Benedict and small son arrived in Williamsburg Thursday from Frankfort where she has been visiting. Their goods have come and they will soon be settled in the parsonage.

n Hillside Grove school is having three weeks' vacation for potato digging and corn husking. The young boys will be kept busy as the harvest for both is promised to be plentiful.

n The Western Michigan Development Bureau's exhibit of grains and seeds has been enriched by a contribution from J. H. Buell of Garfield township. The contribution is in the nature of a showing of handsome white beans grown by Mr. Buell. There are about ten different kinds of beans grown in Western Michigan country.

n Our correspondent at Beitner reports that Mr. Hines was looking for his father to come last Monday to make him a visit. About noon he got a telegram that his father had passed away while dressing for the visit. It was shocking news for the son who has left to make burial arrangements.

n Dick Way of Rapid City went over from Traverse City to Glen Haven on Friday to spend the weekend with David Day. The two men have had a long friendship and look forward to the times they can discuss the many subjects of mutual interest.

n Clyde Roscoe of Cleveland, Ohio spent yesterday as the guest of his uncle, L. Roscoe. He left today for Newago where he will visit Ralph Roscoe, another relative.

n News that will be of interest to many Traverse City people came to a number of the telephone girls at Citizens Telephone office this morning when they learned that Miss Fanny Novotny quietly slipped away and married Ernest Sprague, a former employee of the Bell office in this city. Miss Novotny, for many years was a chief operator employed at the telephone office. They will make their home in Battle Creek where the groom is now employed.

n There was a welcome party for Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thompson at Mr. and Mrs. H. Case's farm near Almira on Saturday evening. A large table had many bowls and platters filled with buffet foods which tempted the guests and from which they filled their plates. All had a good time.

n Advice on deportment. Never should a lady accept expensive gifts at the hands of a gentleman not related or engaged to her.

n Medical advice of a century ago. Daily applications of soap to the face is not necessary unless one is exposed to considerable dust and dirt.

n Best buy of the week. Unbleached cotton, 8 cents a yard at A. J. Wilhelm.