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November 21, 2011

News from 100 Years Ago: 11/21/2011

n E. E. Maynard, one of Grand Traverse county's most progressive farmers whose place is near Grawn, brought to this office Saturday some splendid specimens of a mixture of red and white field corn. The ears were solid with fully developed kernels and some of the ears exceeded 13 inches in length.

n About 3 o'clock this morning, fire was discovered in the basement of the general store at Buckley, owned by D. M. Flack. The fire had evidently started from a defective furnace and when discovered, had a good start, the whole basement being in flames. Had it not been for the efficient water system, the whole building would have been destroyed.

n Joachin Wolfe, aged 70 years, died at his home at Solon Saturday night. It will be remembered that Mr. Wolfe had a bad fall from his wagon a few weeks ago while in Traverse City. He was injured to some extent internally and on account of his advanced age, recovery was impossible. He leaves a wife and two daughters.

n Miss Winefred Baker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Baker of 432 State Street, and Frank Davies of Detroit, were quietly married at St. Thomas church, Ann Arbor, last Wednesday. Mrs. Davies had lived in this city the greater part of her life and her place in society among the younger set is an enviable one. Mr. Davies is a civil engineer and is well established in both business and social circles in Detroit.

n The school officers of all the rural districts in Grand Traverse and Leelanau counties will meet at the courthouse in this city on Friday for their annual meeting as provided by law. The meeting will be conducted by Superintendent of Public Instruction, Luther L. Wright. Much valuable information in regard to the district school system of the state will be brought out.

n On account of the severe storm last Sunday, the temperance exercises in the evening at Williamsburg were postponed until further notice. It is expected that they will be scheduled in early December.

n Payson & Lingenfeiser have gone into the fancy apple business this fall and are meeting with the best success. Their only trouble is being able to secure sufficient desirable fruit to fill their orders. The apples which they purchase are carefully graded and packed in bushel boxes and each apple is carefully wrapped in paper which insures its keeping qualities and protects the fruit from the cold.

n Advice on deportment. Married or young ladies cannot leave a ballroom or any other party alone. The former should be accompanied by one or two other married ladies and the latter by their mother or a lady to represent her.

n Medical advice of a century ago. Obese persons should avoid starches, sugars and fat. Liquids should be reduced to two or three pints daily.

n Best buy of the week. Beautiful Solid Oak Buffets, $9.50 - $48.24 at J. W. Slater.

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