Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 13, 2012

News From 100 Years Ago: 02/13/2012

By Emma Jane Muir

---- — • The South Side Company, one of the stable manufacturing institutions of the city, suffered a loss by fire this morning which will figure between $40,000 and $50,000 at a very conservative estimate. Every available reel of hose was pressed into use and volunteers took hold and worked like veterans in an effort to keep the fire confined to the mill. At the time the fire occurred, the thermometer was 18 degrees below zero.

• Dr. M. B. Gregory has located at Eureka where he will take up the practice of his profession. Mrs. Gregory and the children will remain in Traverse City until the close of the school year.

• W. F. Calkins, W. H. Umlor and George Heimforth left this morning for Cross Village. They were joined by Charles Disser and M. S. Tyler from Benton Harbor. From Cross Village the party will make the trip to High Island driving over the ice. The men will go to the island on an important business proposition.

• William Mothersill has been celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of his entry into the United States mail service Friday. During that time, Mr. Mothersill has not been in a railroad accident and has averaged 125 miles per day which figures out that he has traveled at least 1,369,050 miles.

• D.H. Day of Glen Haven claims that the figures on the temperature of the region that have appeared in the outside papers during the past month show a much lower register than actually occurred. Mr. Day has kept a careful record at his home which justifies his claim.

• Frank Hamilton has been appointed by Governor Osborn as one of the Michigan delegates to the Illinois and Interstate Highway convention to take place in Chicago next week. He will leave for Chicago Sunday.

• The warmest place in Michigan has been discovered to be only 25 miles from Traverse City. C. H. Miller who owns a large fruit farm three miles from Glen Arbor, reports that his orchard is located 375 feet above the level of Lake Michigan and he has found only three or four buds on his peach trees who have been injured by frost.

• Mrs. John Sanborn has received word that her brother, Capt. W. E. Franklin is at St. Mary's hospital in Milwaukee, very ill with typhoid fever. Captain Franklin is the captain on the steamer Iowa of the Goodrich Transit Company of Chicago. He has many friends in this city who will regret to hear of his illness.

• Mrs. Nellie Hatfield, who resides on her farm about 4 miles out of the city was agreeably surprised when about 25 Royal Neighbors of Queen City Camp No. 573 entered her home Thursday evening. The evening was pleasantly spent in conversation and in playing pedro and other games of cards. At midnight, a supper which the guests had brought, was served.

• Mrs. Caroline Fish, aged 56, widow of the late Gird Fish, an old soldier, died at her home on Garfield Avenue yesterday afternoon after a short illness.

• W. J. Chase of Solon has two sawmills in operation this winter and his mill yards are well filled with saw logs.

• Advice on deportment. It is rude to boast, brag or be pretentious.

• Medical advice of a century ago. Golf, hunting, fishing and various simpler sports are of value to a mature man or woman.

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